10 Natural Ways To Fight Depression

Chugging down Zoloft once or twice a day or relying on Zanax when anxiety from depression kicks in may not be the best solution in times when you realize that you are in desperate need of a mood-changer. When suffering from depression, you have the tendency to feel terribly alone not just that but it’s this constant nagging feeling within you that buries you deeper into a funk than the last time: alienation, gloom, weariness and agony.

In truth, you’re not the only one suffering from this mood-killing sensation; there are 20 million people in the U.S. suffering from various mood disorders and I am one of them, who shares this pain with you. For 16 years of my life, I let depression drag me down. To the brink of despair, I nearly gave up but I got over this internal battle. I share with you the 10 best anti-depressants the world has to offer. Look positive and look forward to seeing that end of the rainbow in a more positive light with these 10 things:

1. The Inside Job

The most famous and successful robberies around the world happened because of an inside job; and, much like yourself, you have that inside man worming its way to break your security. Don’t let your mind talk trash about yourself. Remember that the most important person in your life is YOU. If loving your family and friends is easy then the more should you be more loving, kind and forgiving towards yourself. Remember your self-worth and how other people value the important person that you are.

2. Hello Sunshine!

Literally say hello to the sun every time its there. It doesn’t just boost your energy with light but it gives you that much needed Vitamin D. Humans weren’t created to be locked up indoors, we were designed to be the masters of nature. Taking a short walk gives your body that scratches yourself out of those sulking moments and gives you the chance to think and see more positive things beyond your door. Go outside!

3. Good food, Good mood

Develop a healthy mind through a healthy heart. Bad food gives you bad mood, every time you shove junk into your mouth the more you wallow in self-pity. Junk food, sweet stuff or even caffeine may taste good but in reality they only make you feel good for only a moment. Eat what’s best for you, you don’t have to do it all at once, if ice cream is your thing then dump some savory berries in there. If you love burgers so much why not try veggie burgers too. Stick to what you love with food that’s good for your heart— and mind.

4. Count the Sheep

Treat yourself to a lengthy and relaxing sleep without any disturbances. Keep those electronic gadgets away from you and make sure you have a scheduled time for sleeping. Erratic sleep hours and time makes your body confused and your mind confused. If sleeping pills make you feel uneasy, grab a scented candle and light it up before you sleep and enjoy the aromatherapy in dreamland.

5. Develop an Inner Mantra

Reconnecting with your inner-self is the best cure for that inside man we were talking about. Looking for holistic practitioners and have them examine you. They can design a treatment fit only for your needs like acupuncture, energy medicine, meditation and more.

6. Meditate

Meditation is a medium that lets you get in touch with your own brain. It is a relaxation technique that only allows you to breathe out all your evil thoughts and breath in all positive energy.

7. The Social Network

It’s not about Facebook and Twitter but your literal social network. You have your friends and family who always have your back and they’re there for you ready to understand your suffering. They’re your support system and they’re the one’s you need more than ever.

8. Speed Dial 911

Always relying on yourself is wrong in situations like this. You have to be brave and call for help even before you feel like you’re drowning. Call your family and friends and if it doesn’t work out, ready yourself to call your therapists or any hotline for assistance. There will always be someone out there ready to help you out.

9. Say no to Drugs… and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol drinks are major mood-changers. In fact, they might actually be the cause of your depression. Cut these two things out of your systems and you will feel a ton better with a fruit shake on your hand and not a shot of tequila.

10. Exercise

Most people who suffer from depression are people who do not really engage in lively activities. Let the happy juice in your body flow freely by moving your body around. Take a swim, a walk, a jog or a hike – it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you keep your body moving.

I am not qualified enough to examine your needs but I am qualified enough to tell you that these things help. I’ve been down with depression before and the battle wasn’t easy but these ten things might help you out. You’re a beautiful creature made to enjoy the life you’re given so hang on tight because there’s always a solution.


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