10 Rules You Must Follow to Lose Weight.

Losing weight may seem like one of the most demanding challenges one has ever faced, yet simply following these 10 rules will ensure better health, more happiness and an enriched life for you:

1. Keep a Personal Eating Journal

This might not seem like the most exciting activity, but consider it a personal log book – your log book to health, beauty and more self-esteem! The aim of this journal is to provide clues as to what food is good for you and what is not – feeling ill this morning, well might it be the red-meat you had yesterday evening? Check the journal!

The journal should therefore include these crucial snippets of information:
A) What you have eaten
B) What you drank, as well the quantity
C) The time of your meals and snacks
D) A contemplation or review of how you felt while eating, as well how you felt an hour later – note any emotional or physical feelings that you might have as these are powerful indicators of the appropriateness of those specific foods.

2. Drink Water – and lots of it!

As humans our bodies consist of over 70% water, so be sure to replenish those reserves on a regular basis. It won’t only be beneficial to your weight, but will feed and nourish your mind, sharpen your senses and give you more energy so to get the most out of your day. An average of 8 glasses per day is more than enough to ensure a constant and healthy body weight.

3. Plan your meals

One of the easiest habits to fall in to is to simply resort to eating fast food or any other easily attainable meal. Planning meals beforehand enables you to have properly portioned meals that will guarantee better health. You will furthermore have more peace of mind in knowing your meals are planned and at the ready, which subconsciously relieves stress and makes you more focused.

4. Regulate Portion Sizes

Even too much of a good thing can be dangerous, so when planning your meals be sure to regulate the portion sizes so to allow a meal that is balanced in nutritional value.

The following can serve as guidelines
A) Fats (Oil, Butter, Cheese, etc.) – A portion the size of your thumb.
B) Carbohydrates (Whole Grain, Starchy Vegetables etc.) – A portion the size of your fist.
C) Protein (Meat and Yoghurt) – A portion the size of your palm.
D) Healthy Snacks (Such as Nuts) – A portion the size of your hand.

5. Dieting is Out

Living in a restrictive fashion through withholding your body of vital nutrients is unhealthy – your body will in fact perceive this new lack of nutrients as a motivation for more fat storage. Rather replace old eating habits and lifestyle choices with more balanced and nutritionally sound ones.

6. Ignore Negativity and Pessimistic People

Unfortunately there will always be those who will try to discourage or demotivate you on your path to success and happiness. Either learn to negate their negativity, or simply find new people to socialise with – people who have the ability to make you feel good, positive and more motivated.

7. Make enough time for quality relaxation

One of the most potent detriments to your health is stress. You therefore need to spend quality time with whatever activity or situation relaxes you. Not only will your weight benefit from these activities, but you will be more energized and focused, allowing you to be more successful and happy in all of your activities.

8. Make 7 Hours of sleeping per evening your minimum

Not getting enough sleep makes your body release cortisol into your bloodstream – this is the same hormone released during stressful situations, turning all your efforts in vain if you do not get enough quality sleep.

9. Exercise = Energize

One of the crucial facts you cannot get away from is the absolute necessity for exercise – if your daily routine requires a lot of sitting, be sure to find some activity that forces you to be physically active some time during the day. This could be anything from playing a sport, belonging to a gym, or simply walking around the neighbourhood.

10. Consistency is Key

Being consistent in one’s efforts is always one of the most challenging activities; however it is also the most important activity, for not having consistency will negate all the other efforts and progresses one has made. Commit yourself fully to this path of better health – it will be difficult and strenuous, but will have rich and rewarding ends!


by Cheryl Bigus

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