10 Super Healthy Foods That Are Actually High In Fat

Ever since the time that fat was labelled as a demon food, people focused on eating sugar, processed food and refined carbs instead.
As a direct result from this the world has developed into a sicker and fatter population.
However, in the modern time these issues are changing and saturated fat is not thought to be the devil that it once was.
Fat is contained in many types of healthy food and these have now returned to the scene known as the superfood category
Here are 10 incredibly healthy and nutritious foods that are high in fat.

1. The avocado fruitbrunette-holding-two-avocado-halves

Most fruits are different to the avocado fruit.
Fruits are usually filled with carbs but the avocado contains high amounts of fat.
The typical avocado contains around 77% fat, and this is based on calories which makes them have higher levels of fat.
One of the main fatty types is that of Oleic acid, which is a mono saturated fat. This type of fat is dominant in olive oil and has been linked to health benefits on a various selection of levels.
Avocado also has a good amount of fibre in it and has the ability of lowering cholesterol as well as having the ability to raise HDL which is the good of class of cholesterol.
The fact that they are high in calories and in fat means those who eat them gain less weight and lose belly fat.
Avocados possess a brilliant source of fibre and potassium and have shown a major forms of benefit on cardiovascular health.

2. Cheese


One type of food that is very nutritious is that of cheese.
A whole cup full of milk is what is needed in order to create a single slice of thick cheese.
Cheese contains a high amount of calcium, as well as vitamin B12, selenium and phosphorus as well as many other nutrients.
Cheese has a high amount of protein and one slice can contain up to 6.7 g full of protein which is the equivalent to a cup of milk.
Other fatty acids are also contained within cheese and these can be beneficial against problems such as Type II diabetes.
This is an incredibly nutritious type of food. Each slice contains the equivalent to a glass of milk. Cheese also contains vitamins, proteins and minerals as well as other healthy fats.

3. Chocolatestacked-chocolate-blocks

This is an incredible tasting food that is also very healthy.
It has a high level of fat and contains up to 65% in calories.
It also contains 11% fibre and has an additional 50% of the RDA contained with iron magnesium and manganese.
Dark chocolate also has a high level of antioxidants and it is one of the highest levels in a food, beating blueberries, which are also up there.
There are even biological activities on a potent level within these antioxidants and this can have the effect of lowering blood pressure and protecting blood from the issue of becoming oxidized.
It has also been found that you can lower the risk of death from heart disease if you eat dark chocolate several times a week.
Dark chocolate also has the ability to improve the function of the brain and can protect the skin when it is exposed to sunlight.
It is important that you choose the chocolate that has at least 70% cocoa within it.
This type of chocolate is high in fat but has a high level of antioxidants and nutrients and can be good at improving one’s cardiovascular health.

4. Eggs that are wholeeggs-in-a-basket

This type of food used to be seen as unhealthy thing because of the high levels of fat and cholesterol in the yokes.
It has now been found that one egg can contain 212 mg in the form of cholesterol, which is almost 70% of the recommended intake.
Studies have also shown that the cholesterol that is found in eggs will not affect the cholesterol that is in the blood. Of the majority of people.
They are loaded with minerals and vitamins and contain all of the types of nutrients that we really need.
They also contain other antioxidants which are powerful and have the ability of protecting the eyes. They also contain choline, which is a nutrient for the brain and is something many individuals do not get enough of.
This type of food is also good for individuals who are focusing on weight loss and is high in protein, and therefore very fulfilling.
This is therefore one of the most nutritious foods currently on the planet.

5. Fatty fishchef-holding-a-fresh-salmon-176x300

This is an animal product that people generally agree is more healthy than other animal products.
This includes popular fish such as Herring, sardines, trout and salmon.
Many of these fish are filled with omega-3 fatty acids which help to deliver quality proteins and other important nutrients.
Studies have found that individuals who consume fish will be far healthier and have less of a risk of disease of the heart, as well as depression, dementia and other common diseases.
You can also take a fish liver oil supplement if you do not want to eat fish and this can be found in the form of codfish Liver oil, which contains high levels of vitamin D.
Fatty fish such as salmon is filled with great nutrients such as omega 3- fatty acid acid is focused on helping to improve health and lower the risk of disease.

6. Nuts


This type of food is extremely healthy.
They have a number of healthy benefits and are high in fibre and fats. They are also a good source of protein.
They also have a high level of vitamin D and contain magnesium, which is something that many individuals do not get enough of.

7. Butter that has come from Grass fed cows.sliced-stick-of-butter

Butter is fat that is half saturated is almost pure in fat content.
In the past this type of food was demonized but has now been making a comeback and is seen as a healthy food.
It contains a selection of important vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin A and K2.
Butter also contains CLA and butyrate, as well as bioactive fatty acids that have been linked to health benefits.
A review was also published that showed the consumption of dairy that was high in fat to be linked to a lowered risk of obesity.
This is a food that is high in saturated fat but can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, so long as the cows are grass fed.

8. Extra-virgin olive oilsmall-bowl-with-olives-and-olive-oil

Everyone one agrees that virgin olive oil is healthy but it is also high in fat.
The Mediterranean diet has this as a central component and has proven to have health benefits.
Extra-virgin olive oil contains vitamins K and and also contains many powerful antioxidants.
These oxidants can be used to help fight inflammation as well as protect LDL particles within the blood from developing and becoming oxidized.
Extra-virgin olive oil is the best food in terms of healthy fats and oils.
Virgin olive oil has many health benefits that are powerful and focused on helping cardiovascular health.

9. coconuts and coconut oilcoconut-oil

Coconut oil and coconuts are a type of food that have the highest source of saturated fat.
Around 90% of the fatty acids in the coconut are saturated.
Populations that consume coconuts do not have high levels of problems involving heart disease and have a good level of health.
Coconuts have fats in them which are different from other fats and these consist of large to medium-chain acids which are fatty.
These are therefore metabolized in a different way and go straight into the liver where they are then turned into specific ketone bodies.
It has also been shown that these medium-chain fats have the ability of suppressing appetite and will therefore make people eat less calories, which leads to a boost of metabolism.
This has been shown to help people that have Alzheimer’s and can also help you to lose belly fat.
This type of food is high in fatty acids and these are medium-chain fatty acids which are metabolized in a different way. They can also reduce the individuals appetite and have the ability of increasing fat burning within the individual.

10. Full fat yoghurtyoung-woman-eating-yogurt-196x300

Fat yoghurt is in a food which is very healthy.
It has a selection of nutrients within it that are important in a similar way to that of other dairy products that are high in fat.
It is also filled with probiotic bacteria which can have beneficial effects on an individual’s health.
It has also been found that yoghurt can have major effects on an individuals digestive health and can help an individual fight problems such as heart disease, as well as obesity.
It is important that you choose full fat yoghurt that is real, so check the label.
The problem nowadays is that many yoghurts that one finds on the shelves of the stores can be low in fat, but high in sugar.
It is best to avoid these as much as possible.

By Kris Gunnars

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