10 Ways To Break The Rules But Remaining Healthy

There are some very stringent diets out there at the moment, some of which seem really difficult to stick to. Indeed there are plenty of 21 day diets in which people cannot eat anything that has significant amounts of fat or sugar within it. They are not allowed any sweets, any cakes, definitely no white bread, no chips, and certainly no fast food for 21 intolerable days.

So after such an austere regime most people would find it virtually impossible to avoid binge eating excessively on day 22. To lose weight, and keep it off following 21 day diets the best thing to do is to finish one diet and then go straight on to the next one. Only that will do your health more harm than good.

Do the celebrities that endorse such strict 21 day diets believe that those diets should never be broken?

Well they believe just the opposite in fact, these diets should be broken, and they break them as often as they want to do so. Diet breakers they may be, though they do not want to make it public.

I spent many years, trying my hardest to stick to these rigid 21 day diets. I used to think if a whole host of celebrities could do it then so could I. Then I felt completely guilty when I failed to do so. Rightly or wrongly I used to think that celebrities were made of tougher stuff than me if they stuck diets, and I failed to.

Then I found out something that completely altered my attitude towards dieting. This was that celebrities very rarely stick to their diets yet still manage to look great.

Furthermore celebrities never feel guilty about eating what they want to eat, and not going to the gym every day.

So here are the 10 things that they do break all the rules, and still look amazing on.

1. They eat sugar, and not a granule at a time.

Virtually all diets have sugar listed as public enemy number one. Celebrities do not get hung up about eating sugar. If they want a candy bar, then they will eat a candy bar.

Dr Mark Hyman even confesses to eating sugar, despite writing the Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day detox program. He states that people should not deprive themselves of sugar, just do not go overboard. He likens sugar to being a drug, have a little bit every so often and it will not do you any harm.

2. Not everybody sleeps between 8 to 10 hours every night.

Books often state that ideally we all should have somewhere between 8 and 10 hours sleep each and every. The problem with that was that I used to get worried if I did not get that much sleep. Indeed getting enough sleep became a quest, and that probably made my sleep patterns worse.

Some nights it is okay to sleep less hours, providing that we do not deprive ourselves too often. The sleep experts may sometimes have a longer night too.

3. Celebrities drink alcohol and caffeine too!

Just about every 21 day diet and detox programs recommends that people refrain from drinking alcohol and caffeine.

However doctors are known to drink both, and will often say that neither alcohol nor caffeine will do you any harm providing you only take them in moderation.

Some doctors do recommend that people do have the occasional detox from them but recognize that their ability to help us relax should not be overlooked.

4. They actually eat carbs.

For dieters the only thing almost as bad as sugar is carbs. Most diets stress how eating carbs is really bad for your chances of losing weight. Yet even the people that develop diets allow themselves days when they will eat more of them. There is no harm in an extra bread roll with your low fat soup, and you could have two pieces of your own cake on your birthday.

5. They take breaks from exercise programs and regimes.

Some just have to run, swim, or walk the same distance every day. Well we do not have to, there is the option of not exercising so vigorously for a few days. Sometimes a few days rest is exactly what our bodies need.

When you have exercised really hard for a few weeks go ahead and treat yourself to a week’s break. If you are already fitter than before there is little point in risking injury as your body needs a rest.

6. They do not have posters of skinny celebrities hung up as inspiration.

At first I thought that having a poster of Jessica Alba hung up on the wall would prove inspirational but after a while I really resented her perfect figure. I bet she does not live on a celery stick and exercise several hours each day.

Yet magazines sell by the truck load when they include such pictures. We should not them to inspire us, as it can deflate us instead.

7. They quickly grasp that health is more than eating to strict diets and doing more exercise than a pro athlete.

They may endorse diets or exercise programs yet came to the conclusion before I did that relaxation and rest can do your body just as much good as been obsessed with our weight.

8. They do not compete.

They learned to do what is right for their body and not someone else’s. The purpose is to make yourself feel healthier not upset because you cannot reach an impossible target. Measure progress in terms of getting a new outfit in a lower size instead of been depressed because 20 pounds is not the 40 pounds you were aiming for.

9. They no longer count the calories.

They worked out way back that counting calories does not work. Counting calories wastes your time and feels you full of guilt for little or no benefit. It leads you to having meals that do not appeal to your taste buds and leave you half starved. Go for the large steak if you want it, go without the fries, or the ice cream. Or may be eat everything and just have a long walk the next day.

10. They never go on a 21 day diet.

Sensible people realize that a quick fix is not an enduring solution, it takes years to become healthy. Diets and intense exercise regimes only make us unhappy and hungry. So get healthy the slow and enjoyable way.

By Dr. Amy Shah

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