11 Worst So Called Healthy Foods That Are Dangerous

young-woman-drinking-orange-juiceNutrition diet does not make any sense.

You will find discover many claims about foods, which will turn out to be nonsense, because they are not based on any empirical evidence.

Here are the worst 11 so called healthy foods that are dangerous.

1. Fruit Juices

Those fruit juice displayed for sale at the supermarkets are always adulterated, because they are different from what they promise.

You will be surprised there are a few quantities of real fruit content and a small quantity of water; the rest is sugar and artificial flavor.

Even at that, drinking of authentic fruit juice is not a good idea at all.

The so-called fruit juice is nothing but fruits, which original nutrients have been removed.

What remained behind after the removal of the necessary nutrients are nothing but sugar and small quantities of vitamins.

You cannot find anything like fiber in them, there is nothing like chewing resistance, it is only a matter of time before you consume all the heavy sugar content in them.

Over consumption of sugar is the major cause some of the deliberating illnesses like type II diabetes, obesity, as well as heart diseases and so many other diseases.

It is advisable to eat only real fruits and avoid fruit juices (1, 2, 3).

Our conclusion here is that fruit juice has the same sugar content as the soft drinks and digestible sugar. It is better to consume real fruits and avoid fruit juices.

2. Whole Wheat

breadWhole wheat is actually better than refined wheat.

This does not in any way suggests that whole wheat is a better wheat or healthier.

It is like saying that it is better to consume filtered cigarette than the unfiltered ones. Everybody should be smoking filtered cigarette, the logic is indeed a flawed one.

Several reasons are abound why wheat should be avoided at all cost, whether it is refined or whole.

Research has shown that the major source of gluten is wheat, and that is why a segment of the population deceived by the nutrition theory has high quantities of it (4, 5, 6).

Immune system of some individuals is subject to attack by the gluten and it causes problem with the human digestive system. It also can cause tiredness, bloating, pain as well as stool inconsistency and other symptoms (7, 8, 9).

A study has concluded that wheat fiber is one of the causes of Vitamin D deficiency; this causes depletion of this vitamin in the body at a faster rate.

Furthermore, research has shown that consumption of whole wheat brings about the bad cholesterol, which is the small dense LDL by up to sixty percent.

We conclude here that whole wheat is a bad food and very rich in gluten, which causes some digestive problems and different symptoms. This also causes Vitamin D deficiency, as well as the small, dense LDL cholesterol, which is regarded as bad cholesterol.

3. Agave Nectar

honeySeveral food products sweetened with Agave are available at various supermarkets.

Nutritionists usually present sweeteners as the best alternative to sugar; this is because they assume that it has low glycemic index.

They have forgotten that sugar has nothing to do with the glycemic index. It is dangerous for human consumption, because of the high fructose content.

Over consumption of fructose is not good, because it could cause different types of ailments, especially for people who usually stay indoors.

Moreover, liver, which is filled with glycogen, usually metabolizes fructose, which turns this into fat.

The effect of this is that it could lead to non-alcoholic fat liver diseases, as well as other metabolic problems relating to Leptin, and insulin as well as resistant to hormones (13, 14, 15, 16).

It is already known that sugar content in fructose is about fifty percent, while that of Agave is about ninety percent. This shows that Agave is more dangerous than sugar.

We conclude that Agave nectar is not good because it is full of fructose and causes the same type of health problems that regular sugar can cause.

4. Sports Drinks

man-with-sports-drinkSports drinks are meant for athletes. They usually take it when they are through with their trainings, at a time they are over sweating and depleting in glycogen.

Because of this, it is assumed that sports drinks have the following contents:

Water – this is present to replace the lost fluidElectrolytes – to replace electrolytes such as sodium, which were spent through sweatSugar – this is because it is assumed that those athletes require energy after their exercises.

You should know that they do not require more electrolytes since most of them are consuming a lot of sugar.
A bottle of Gatorade has more than thirty grams of sugar.

It is better that they take plain water; this is what you need to drink very well after the intensive workouts.

Our conclusion here is that you can take sports drinks only when you are engaged in intensive workouts, otherwise you do not need them because they have high sugar content.

5. Heart-Healthy Vegetable Oils

vegetable-oilsPeople now resort to the consumption of all kinds of bad ingredients believing that they are running away from the consumption of saturated fat.

Some of them include vegetable oils such as corn, soybean and cottonseed oil, as well as industrial seed.

Usually these are the oils extracted from seeds. They are extracted through harsh processing techniques, such as toxic solvent hexane, bleaching, and high heat.

These oils have enough content of Omega-6 fatty acids, and the quantity is more than what humanity has been consuming over the years.

Humanity only requires small quantities of these fatty acids, like the quantity in nuts and meat. However, humanity consumes much of it as is the case with the western world and this is not good.

Over consumption of these, have its problems such as inflammation. This is the major cause of many severe diseases.

The oils are added to the body fats and the cellular membranes. Here they are too sensitive and could cause damages.
The worst is that these industrial vegetable oils available at these supermarkets have 0 56- 4 2 percent of fatty acids and these are too toxic.

Our conclusion here is that vegetable oils are not healthy, they could lead to inflammation, and this is because they have those key factors in western diseases.

6. Fat-Free Foods

yogurtIt is surprising that nutritionists have conceded that saturated fats are harmless, despite several decades of attack.
When the slogan changed, food producers now shifted to the production of the so-called healthy foods, which they assumed had low fat content.

The problem here is that those foods had nutrients in them removed and they are nothing but crap.

Manufacturers now loaded their food products with dangerous sweeteners and chemicals, as well as high content of sugar.

In fact, they have only exchanged the good thing in them with bad stuff.

An example of this could be seen from the way they have removed healthy content in yoghurt with harmful and dangerous ingredients.

Our conclusion here is that you should restrain from eating anything-labeled low fat, this is because they have been over processed and are loaded with dangerous quantities of sugar and other substances.

7. The Gluten-Free Junk Foods

muffinMany people are now running away from the gluten, this is the type of protein present in barley, rye, spelt, as well as wheat and some other grains.

Research has revealed that more than half of US citizens now want to cut down their gluten consumption.

Food manufacturers now changed to the production of all types of foods they ascribed to be gluten free foods.

The major complaint about these products is that they are never healthy.

This is because they are produced from starches like tapioca, potato, and not from gluten. These are over refined and they are short of all nutrients that increase the blood sugar as in wheat.

This is not the case with those foods free from gluten naturally, such as vegetables and meats and so on

Our conclusion here is that those foods described as gluten free have nothing in them, because they are over processed and it is better to consume gluten food than to eat them.

8. Margarine and the Fake Butters

butterDanny J Albers has once said ‘I wish butter tasted more like margarine,
One side effect of the anti-fat hysteria is the so called the better alternatives to fat.

A good example of this is the margarine. This is usually full of Tran’s fats, now it contains over processed vegetable oils.

The implication of this is that there is a reduction in the consumption of margarine.
The challenge people face here is that margarine is bad while butter is better.

Margarine has some harmful addictives and this is because of the over procession and this is not good for the human health.

A study conducted where butter was replaced with margarine; there was increase risk of death.

This is a good example where adhering to the teachings of the mainstream nutritionists could endanger your lives.

Our conclusion here is that margarine is not good because it is over processed, it contains bad ingredients, and it should be avoided.

9. Those Healthy Breakfast Cereals

breakfast-cerealThose over processed breakfast cereals should be avoided because they are not good.

You always can consider them as the worst food that you can ever consume.

This is because they have high content of refined carbohydrates and sugar.

The worst is that food manufacturers increased the danger by adding synthetic vitamins and small quantities of whole grains in them and sell them to you as good and healthy foods.

You should not be deceived by the labels, always read the ingredients used in its production to determine whether they are good for your health.

10. Low Garb Junk Foods

atkins-barJust as some people have started switching from their belief the fat is the cause of all their problems, many people have also started to cut down on the quantities of carbs they consume.

Just as usual, this has caught the attention of food producers and they have now shifted to manufacture of various low carbs products

Something low in fat, which can help shed excess weight are still considered bad for your health
Some examples include the low-carbs Atkins bars. They are not good because they are over processed and nobody should consume them.

Consider all the ingredients used in the manufacture of the Atkins Advantage bar and you will discover that they are simply not food.

If you are indeed opting for a low carbs diet, it is recommended that you abide by unprocessed foods only.

Our conclusion here is that low carbs processed foods are not good for consumption, because they are often over processed and they are full of artificial ingredients, which are not good for your body.

11. The Energy Bars

energy-barThere is nothing different between energy bars and sports drinks. The fat is many people do not need them.
You can use it only if you are an elite athlete and you need high protein intake.
People are not recommended to consume it because the bars in them are already available in most of your food intake.

Both energy bars and protein bars are over processed such that their protein contents are assumed higher than that of the chocolate bars.

You can get some good brands from the market, but you are advised to read the labels to understand them better.

Our conclusion here is that both energy and protein bars are not good because they are often over processed.

12. Any other thing else

You should always be sure that anytime food packaging tells you that they are healthy, you should always bear the opposite in your mind.

You make your list or make a comment here.

By Kris Gunnars

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