11 Yester-year Relationship Tips We Ought To Reconsider

Love is immense when spoken, however greatest when shown. Do a few things.
Yesterday afternoon when I was eating sandwich for lunch sitting on a park bench, an elderly couple drove and parked their car below a nearby oak tree. They lowered the windows and put on some jazz music on the car stereo. The husband got out of the car walked to the passenger side, then opened the door for the wife, he took her hand and assisted her to get out, guided her like 10 feet away from the car and they then danced to a song beneath the tree.
It was a very beautiful instant to witness.

When I opened my laptop this morning to write, the couple instantly came to mind, and I spend a moment daydreaming about the couple, I wondered how many years they have been together and the best relationship advice out of that. As I was wondering about that, I got an email from a reader known as Cory. The subject matter of the email was a question ‘any good old-fashioned relationship habits for a struggling relationship?’

The similarity of my wonders and Cory’s question actually made me smile.
In the honor of the elderly couples and Cory’s relationship situation; here are eleven old-fashioned habits that we should bring back into our present relationship.

1. Spend quality time together without any distractions and agenda

Put away all the technologies, agenda, and enjoy one another’s company, face-to-face as in the old-fashion manner.
We have some joys in life that are like a good talk, a friendly dance, a long walk, a genuine laugh, or even an immense hug shared by people who are concerned about one another. Doing ordinary things with the right people can be extraordinary. Choose to be with these people and make most of your time together.
Don’t wait to make big plans. Take your time together and plan. Communicate on regular basis because you care for each other’s efforts.

2.Be together when you’re in the presence of others

Knowing your absence and presence is a best feeling because they both mean something to someone. And the way to let your partner know this is to show them when you are together.
Full presence is the best that you can give in your relationship or interactions with others. Being with your loved ones, listening without anticipation of the next event or clock are the ultimate tribute.
Your family and friends are very beautiful to ignore, give them the gift of your time, kindness and undivided attention. They are better than any gift.

3.Show your genuine appreciation for your loved ones

It does not matter how sure you are of somebody’s admiration and appreciation, its good to remind them about it. So if you appreciate them today tell them because they are reliable, doesn’t imply that you should not give appreciation and thanks regularly. Valuing someone lightly is missing the depth of their goodness.
Because life is very short we should appreciate our loved ones everyday as if that was the last day with them. Allow this lesson sink in you now. You should not wait until it’s very late to tell our loved ones how much we value them.

4.Work together and assist each other grow

There is no friend or soul mate that will solve your problems out there. There is no love that last without commitment and work. However there are people out there value fighting for, because they’re imperfect in all the ways that are good for you. You compliment one other’s flaws in such a way that permits your soul to unite and work efficiently as one.

5.Focus on inner beauty

When you really know somebody, much of the major physical traits disappear in your mind. You start to settle in their energy, know their scent and appreciate them. You recognize the essence of someone not the out look.
You should not fall in love with the physically beauty, you will lust after it, be infatuated by it, or desire to own it. You will love it with your body and eyes but not your heart. Thus when you get to know a person’s inner self, much of the physical imperfections disappear.

6.Always tell the truth

Many people prefer gentle lies to hard truths. However make no mistake it’s good to be hurt by the truth than comforted by a lie. Always relationship founded on lies die young.
Lying is a cumulative process, when you start lying it will seem to be an innocent lie but it rapidly spirals into a huge lie that will hinder you from telling the truth and you will known as a liar. Must of the time we lie to one another, even to ourselves so as shield our character.


When you know that your words or actions have hurt someone you love, instantly admit your mistake and face the reality of your actions. Apologizing is the super glue for a lasting relationship.
Ensure that your apology is sincere. Say it and mean it. There is no need to apologize for something you know that you won’t stop. Never wreck apology with an excess as excuses are not apologies.

8.Solve your relationship issues together

This may appear to be normal. Never post negatively on social media about you loved one. Many school kids like posting negatively concerning their girlfriends, friends and boyfriends on social media. It’s a catty way of attracting vent and attention. Talk about your grievances when the right time comes.
Healthy relationships have only one side never let outsiders into your relationship, because it does not make sense for them. If you have any relationship issue with someone, solve it with them.

9.Be a force for encouragement and positivity

Our way of thinking produces bad or good result. It creates a huge diversity in your life when you stay positive. So be militantly optimistic and fanatically positive. If you don’t like something, change your liking. Always turn a negative attitude into a positive one and move on.
Your words and thoughts should be encouraging also teach this philosophy to people around you too.

10.Fulfill your promises

Be committed and always fulfill your promises, by keeping your promises, this is very vital to your relationship and its long-term success. Don’t promise it, fulfill it. Over-deliver on your promises. Offer more than what is needed. Ann Frank once said, “no one has ever turned poor because of giving” if you can go out and do something good for the people.

11.Be loyal

Be loyal to the one you love and care for. Being faithful is never an option in a relationship, but it’s a priority. Loyalty implies the world to the ones you love you. If person believes in you enough to lift you up never let them down. You can’t promise someone that you will be there for the rest of their life. Be there for your loved ones during dark and sunny moments; always stand by them because you care for them.

by Marc and Angel

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