14 Wonderful Truths About Psychology

It was a short time ago that there were understanding between philosophy and psychology. This did not happen until the year 1870’s, this was the time that psychology was recognized as a separate course of study. Since then multiple research and studies have consolidated the unity between the two courses of study. These can be seen from the comments and observations made below.

1. Studies had confirmed that you are not likely to go through with your goals because there would be no motivation to do that.

Several researches were conducted decades ago which confirmed that people would not be drawn to any goal because intended beneficiaries would not be motivated to join the goal. Many people would have a wrong notion that such goals would only serve the interest of the initiators.

2. Many people across the globe are attached to one or more favorite songs

this is because these remind them of an importantevent in their early lives.The reason for this is well known because it directly affects the person’s motivation. This was confirmed by several studies conducted in the past among some undergraduate students.

3. Music interferes with the way you perceive the world around you.

This belief was confirmed by recent studies that were conducted by the University of Groningen. The study was principally on how people become happy or unhappy at the sound of music, especially those music they are fond of listening to.

4. Several studies had confirmed that you derive more happiness when you spend your money on other people than when you want to spend it on yourself.

This was also confirmed by studies at Harvard Business School, givers derive more joy by giving to other people. The study touched on several ways people would react to money given to them.

5. Research has shown that givers prefer to spend their monies on experiences rather than possessions.

Researchers were discovering the best way to make people happy. The best thing that would make them happy was to do those things that would please them such as going on vacations. They prefer this than spending on personal possessions.

6. Younger people are more active as a study that was done in the 50s.

Study has indicated that several people have suffered substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. Research has shown that people are becoming more anxious. The reason is the changes in the mode of interaction as many people have shown that they can survive outside their immediate communities.

7. Research has proved that religious practices can reduce the level of psychological levels and distress.

This is obvious from the findings from the American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Mood Disorders. The study affirmed that religious activities like prayers reduce depression and several forms of psychological problems.

8. There is an extent to which money can purchase happiness.

Research has confirmed that earning of about seventy five thousand dollars could only boost happiness a little step. This was confirmed by a study that was carried out in 2008 and 2009 involving many Americans. The study centered on the two forms of happiness that include well being and general life assessment. The research has concluded that people become a little excited when they earn about seventy five thousand dollars.

9. You would always become happy when you surrender yourself with happy people.

Studies had shown that people laugh when people around them laugh. The reason for this is that laugh is said to be infectious. We may have been in the situation at one point of laughing aloud with someone purely because laugh is infectious. Studies have shown the contagious effects of mood, especially of those around us.

10. Study had confirmed that the most stressed people in this world could be found around people aged between 18 years and 33.

As one increases in age the level of stress would be reducing. This was confirmed by 2012 Stress in America survey, which was carried out by the American Psychological Association.

11. If you want to improve performance, you have to fool yourself that you actually slept well even when you did not.

This was confirmed by a recent study that was conducted about that and this could be seen from the journal of experimental psychology.

12. Studies have proved that while ignorant people would over estimate their intelligent level, intelligent people on the other hands underestimate themselves.

This was shown by a research that was conducted about unskilled people who believe that they have more senses. While a corresponding study about brilliant people, often tend to underestimate the level of their knowledge.

13. When you recall your last invent you are actually concentrating on when you remembered it last and not necessary the day event took place.

One interesting thing, which you would always discover about the way your brainwork is that you, transform it a little anytime you recall an event. This was confirmed by a study, which was carried out by Northwestern medicine. It shows that people are not likely to be accurate in recalling events.

14. Decisions would become more useful anytime it was done in another language.

This was confirmed by a recent study carried out by Chicago University and Koreans. Foreign languages have the capacity of removing those misleading biases

By Tony Hayes

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