16 Reasons Why Nuts Are The Best

A publication in the New England Journal shows the various health advantages of nuts. This prompted a study, which involved thousands of people for several decades. The outcome of these studies indicated that nuts helped in staving off the grim reaper. Consuming nuts for at least seven times a week prevent dying.

It was evident that those who take nuts for five times or more weekly could prevent death by heart attack by at least 29 percent. They could also prevent death from stroke by 11 percent and reduce death from infection by at least 23 percent. In the same way, they could avoid death caused by respiratory system by 24 percent and death because of a kidney problem by 29 percent. They could also prevent death caused by cancer by 11 percent.

It is known for a very long time that nuts were good for hearts. A landmark study involving members of the Seventh-Day Adventists showed that a comparison between nut eaters and non-nut eaters indicated that nut eaters are not likely to develop heart related problems when compared to those that do not eat nuts. The study indicated that Adventists who formed the habit of consuming nuts had a 48 percent lower risk of contacting death through heart disease. Moreover, they had 51 percent lower risk of dying, because of a heart attack when compared to those who do not consume enough quantities and those who do not consume it at all.

With all these benefits, it surprising that the government of the country does not permit makers of these nuts to announce its enormous benefits to its users. One example of this is where the FDA sent a heavy worded letter warning Diamond Food against making medical claims about walnuts. They went as far as threatening to confiscate the product, which they even labeled illegal. They still consider nuts as contraband.

Government officials are placing rigorous conditions for the advertisement for nuts. They demand that nuts should be subjected to the same rigorous procedures that drugs are subjected to. This is by no means an easy process because it would require years of monitoring and millions of dollars before it would scale that hurdle. It is worth noting that we not require the FDA approval before we begin to enjoy the nuts, and the enormous benefits that come with it.
16 reasons why you must make nuts your frequent diet

1. Nuts are the best VEGAN food.

There is an emphasis toward plant diets. You have to turn over to nuts because they are the best supplements for fruits, grains, legumes, and vegetables. Nuts are good because they add healthy oils and protein to make for the vegetarian diets, which would have resulted in carbs. It adds minerals and vitamins to the body.

2. Nuts are perfect PALEO.

Nuts are good examples of PALEO. The only exception to this is peanut, which is considered a legume because it contains lectin. Seeds and tree nuts are known staples and they constitute human diet for centuries; human beings are well adapted to it.

3. Nuts are low in GI and Carbs

Nuts contain low quantities of carbs, and the quantities available in them are released to the body gradually after a meal. It is perfect for a snack especially those who are considered hypoglycemia. You know that GI is the major determinant of sugars to be taken to the body by either consumption or absorption and so on. High GI foods are not good for the body because they are thought to overwhelm the human body sugar capability. This is not good as it often results in diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

4. Nuts enhance SATIETY.

Eating nuts make somebody look full most of the times; this is because it promotes satiety. Nuts are known to be caloric. This prevents the overconsumption of fatty and junky foods. Nuts are good in weight loss.

5. Nuts are rich in FIBER.

Nuts are good in preventing and reducing the occurrence of heart disease and cancer, this is because it is rich in fiber. It was not only rich in fiber, but they are found to be good in soluble fiber.

6. Nuts are the major source of PHYTOSTEROLS

Nuts are found to be the rich source of phytosterols, which the American Heart Association identified as the major and natural method of controlling heart diseases. This is because they contain sterols, which bind cholesterol out of the body.

7. Nuts have enough quantities of oils and fatsNuts are also discovered to be high in some essential fatty acids like alpha linolenic

acid and fatty linoleic acid. It is important that you underline the word essential here because it means that these fatty acids cannot be produced outside and you cannot make it on your own. These essential fatty acids are good for the human body, because its absence cause some health problems like inflammation, skin dry, heart disease, memory problems, as well as infertility.

8. Nuts are rich in vitamin E

Although, you can get Vitamin E from pill, it is better if you get them from seeds and nuts. Vitamin E is available in eight different forms, which include tocotrienols and tocopherols. You can get the best of these antioxidants from nuts.

9. Nuts are also high in vitamins B.

Nuts are very rich in Vitamin B complex such as the niacin, riboflavin, folates, vitamin B-6, pantothenic acid, as well as thiamin.

10. Nuts are very rich in POLYPHENOLS.

Polyphenols are antioxidants, which are derived from plant, and they protect the human body from radicals. Nuts are very rich with some of these polyphenols such as cryptoxanthin, lutein, and resveratol and so on. Seeds such as sesame and flaxseed are high in lignans. This is a specific type of polyphenols. This protects the body from reproductive cancers.

11. Nuts are the best source of ZINC.

Zinc is very important and the body needs enough quantity of this mineral. Nuts remain the

best source of this mineral, which is essential for reproductive function and immunity.

12. Nuts are very rich in MAGNESIUM.

Magnesium is very important which the human body needs. Apart from given enough energy, its absence could lead to irritability and fatigue, and it could cause heart risks, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It is very helpful in bone metabolism.

13. Nuts are rich in COPPER.

The best natural source of mineral source is nuts. They are as good as oysters and liver in delivering copper.

14. Nuts are very rich in SELENIUM.

If you are not fond of eating meat or fish, you can derive enough quantities of selenium, which is perfect for boosting the immune system.

15. Nuts could be easily moved about

Nuts could be moved about easily, it is better than poached salmon or baked chicken breast because it could be easily moved about in your briefcases and consumed in your office even while you are on transit..

16. Nuts could be used for many things

Nuts have multiple uses. If you like, you can use it as a standalone food or you use it with other foods like spreading it on sandwiches, or sprinkling it on vegetables and salads. It could be mixed with other things like grains where it could provide accent and flavor and so on.


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