20 Nutrition Facts Most People Should Know About But Do Not

woman-wondering-whether-to-eat-salad-or-hamburgerCommon Sense and Nutrition often do not go together.

There are all sorts of different myths about healthy eating even by experts.

Here are 20 facts that man would consider to be common sense but are not.

1.Artificial Trans Fat Should not be Eaten

Producing products with trans fat means the were make at high pressures with heat and hydrogen gases. This turns vegetables oil into a thick sludge. This does not sound appetizing. Trans fat can put a person at an increased risk for heart disease.

2.You should not Eat Every 2-3 Hours

You do not need to eat this often to lose weight. Studies have shown frequent eating does not help the body burn fat. Eat when you are hungry and chose nutrition foods (3, 4).

3.Do Not Trust the Media for Nutritional Information

female-tv-reporter-550pxEvery week it seems like new nutrition studies are becoming popular. The stories do get a lot of attention but what is reported is often misguided. There are often studies that go against what the media is reporting but do not get the attention of the public.

4.Meat Will Not Rot in the Colon

meatThis rumor is completely false. The body is able to digest the nutrients found in meat. The stomach breaks down the protein and the digestive system takes care of the rest. Everything not used by the body is able to move through the digestive track.

5.Eggs are Good for You

chicken-and-egg-smallerEgg yolks do have cholesterol but not enough to do harm.

Eggs will not put you at risk for heart disease.

Eggs are some of the most nutritious foods you can eat.

6.Sugary Drinks are the Worst Part of the Modern Diet

The body is not able to process sugar in a liquid form. The body does not know it is taking in calories and will often leave a person feeling hungry. Of all the types of junk food sweetened beverages are the worst.

7.Low Fat Does Not Mean Healthy

young-man-confused-about-food-choicesStudies have shown that foods labeled low fat do not help people lose weight. Low fat foods are often bland so sugar is added to them to make them taste good. There are some natural foods that are low in fat such as fruits and vegetables that have many health benefits. Avoid the processed low fat foods (9, 10, 11).

8.Fruit Juice is More Similar to Sugary Drink Then You Think

People think fruit juice is healthy since it is made from fruit. Fruit juices contain high amounts of sugar. A cup of orange juice has as much sugar as two oranges. There are not enough antioxidants in these juices to compensate for the amount of sugar they contain.

9.Give the Body Good Bacteria

The gut flora or the bacteria in the intestines is needed for proper digestion, weight loss, and overall health. In order to work properly this bacteria needs to be fed with fiber. This is one of the most important reasons to eat foods that are high in fiber.

10. Not All Cholesterol is Bad

When people talk of cholesterol they are referring to the proteins that the good and the bad types carry around. Heart disease is caused by lipoproteins that is carried by the cholesterol not the cholesterol alone.

11. Weight Loss Supplements are Ineffective

There are many supplements on the market and many do not work. Others may help a person lose a pound or two. There is no magic solution for weight loss so do not waste your money on these products.

12. Health is More then Weight

People focus too much on how many pounds they weight. Health is more then this. Some obese people may be metabolically healthy while skinny people could be out of shape. Health can be improved without weight loss. Reducing belly fat is important for good health but the number of the scale is not the most important thing.

13. Count Calories Sometimes

When calories are not burnt off they turn into fat. Eating protein has been shown to help a person lose weight without having to count one calorie.

14. Go Low Carbs if You Have High Blood Sugar of Type 2 Diabetes

People have been cautioned to eat a diet low in fat and carbs. People have been told carbs will cause blood sugar levels to increase. Studies have been that diabetic people who ate low carbs were able to decrease their blood sugar medication.

15. Fat and Carbs Do Not Make You Fat

Fat and carbs are often blamed for weight gain. People who eat a high fat diet but low carb diet eat less calories then people who eat low fat and high carb diets. Both can be bad for your health but they will not make you gain weight alone. Your lifestyle and how active you are can be blamed for weight gain.

16. Junk Food is Addictive

People are eating more process foods then ever. Food scientists have found a way to make junk food rewarding. Surprisingly this is the same concept used for drug abuse. It is possible for people to become addicted to these types of foods. Studies have shown that food addiction has many similarities to the abuse of drugs.

17. Do Not Trust Package Health Claims

Food manufactures have been adding words such a whole gain or low fat to the packages on their foods. Many of these foods are very unhealthy. People get tricked into buying them thinking they are making a good choice. If the package stated the food is healthy it more then likely is not.

18. Avoid Refined Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils including those made from soybeans, corn, canola, and other seeds got through a harsh processing method. The oils found in them contain Omega-6 fatty acids which humans have not consumed during their evolution process. Studies have found that these oils can produce LDL lipoproteins which put a person at risk for heart disease.

19. Organic and Gluten Free is Not Healthy

woman-wondering-whether-to-eat-muffin-550pxPeople are following health trends of eating organic and gluten free foods. Just because a food has this label does not mean it is healthy. Gluten free processed foods contain many ingredients that are very harmful for the body. Organic sugar is still bad for the body and gluten free junk food is still junk.

20. Do Not Blame Health Problems on Old Foods

Heart disease did not become a major problem until 1980. Type 2 diabetes followed close behind. It seems that our diets are the cause of the biggest health problems. For years experts have blamed foods including meat, eggs, and even butter. We have been eating those foods for thousands of years with few problems. It seemed more reasonable the new and processed foods are to be blamed. Added sugar, refined gains, and even vegetables oils are a more likely cause. Blaming our new problems on old food does not make sense.

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