4 Natural Supplements Strong As Drugs

Many supplements do not actually do what they claim they can do. Many of them were not proven effective. There are a few exceptions. Actually, there are a few of supplements, which are so effective that they could compare to pharmaceutical drugs.
These are four natural boosting supplements, which are as powerful as pharmaceutical drugs.

1. Berberine lowers the blood sugar level drastically and enhances body metabolismserious-brunette-holding-a-pill

This is a bioactive substance and is usually derived from plants.
Many people may not know this supplement, but it is considered as the most useful and strongest supplement available for humanity.
Berberine offers different health advantages, and the most useful benefit humanity derives from it is that it reduces the blood sugar levels.(1)
It lowers the blood sugar level through a different mechanism such as decreasing glucose production in the liver and enhancing insulin sensitivity(2, 3).
Research had indicated that it reduces blood sugar levels of patients in the way regular drugs do it.
From a study involving 116 patients suffering from type 2 diabetes, it was discovered that Berberine could lower the blood sugar level by twenty percent and HbA1c by twelve percent.(4)
Apart from that, the study revealed that Berberine was useful in enhancing other aspects of health markers.(5) It causes reduction in total as well as LDL Cholesterol does. It also reduces blood triglycerides as well as the blood pressure levels. This is good, because it minimizes dangers to the heart.(1, 6, 7, 8)
Moreover, Berberine had anti-bacterial effects, as well as having some protective effects against such diseases like Alzheimer, cancer, and heart failure.(9, 10, 11, 12)
You should bear at the back of your mind that Berberine is a strong supplement. It has various types of biological effects. This is why it is recommended that you must use it with caution.
Before you take the supplement, it is recommended that you discuss with your doctor, especially if you are taking another medication.


Berberine is a strong supplement. It could decrease the blood sugar levels and reduce the cause of heart diseases among other benefits.

2. Curcumin (derived Turmeric) is a unique Anti-Inflammatory Agentturmeric-in-wooden-bowl

Turmeric inside a Wooden Bowl
Turmeric is known for different things, especially in giving a yellowish color to curry. It is of medicinal importance, and was used in India for several centuries.
Turmeric has a strong biological substance known as curcumin, and this has occupied the attention of researchers in recent times.(13)
Curcumin is known to be a strong anti-inflammatory agent, it blocks inflammatory signaling at the molecular level, and this is known as NF-KB.(14, 15)
The supplement is such strong that it is better than most anti-inflammatory medications and it does not have any adverse side effects.(16, 17)
For instance, it is known to be a cure for arthritis. In a study recently conducted, 45 people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, about 500 mg of curcumin was administered every day and it was found to be more viable than a known anti-inflammatory medication called diclofenac.(18)
Apart from that curcumin is known for various health benefits, it is known to be a unique antioxidant, it could also improve heart health, as well as stop cancer from developing and so on.(19, 20, 21, 22)
A finding from recent research discovered that curcumin would prevent depression. This study discovered that 60 depressed patients could be treated and as effective as a strong antidepressant formulation called Prozac.(23)
Curcumin is not well absorbed, because of this it is recommended to look for supplement with enough bioperine; this is because it has an absorption rate of 2000″/o.(24)


it is certain that curcumin is a strong biologically active agent in turmeric. The supplement is a strong anti-inflammatory substance. It is unique in dealing with several diseases.

3. Red Yeast Rice has natural statin, this could reduce cholesterol level and stop heart disease

In the world over, statin drugs are the most accepted drugs.
The drug is popular because it prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in some parts of the body such as the liver. This leads to the reduction in cholesterol levels.

One good thing is that yeast rice, which is an extract of that type of rice, could produce the same effect.
Monacolin is an important substance contained in red yeast rice. This is the same thing with lovastatin, which is a statin drug.(25)
A control trial about the substance was done sometimes ago, according to a review done about it, it was discovered that the red yeast rice could reduce the LDL by 34 mg, triglycerides by 35 mg/dL, as well as increase the HDL by 6 mg/dL, on the average.(26).
A huge study was done in China involving more than 5000 patients suffering from heart attack. The outcome of the findings is that red yeast has cut down the dangers of heart attack by more than forty-five percent and cut down the danger of dying by 33 percent.(27).
However, the total amount of active ingredient available in the supplement varies by more than one hundred, the variety of red yeast rice matters a lot. There is no assurance that you would lay your hands on the pharmacological active dose.(28).
You should always bear at the back of your mind that even though the supplement functions the way as statin drug and they could produce the same side effects.
Most importantly, it is recommended that you discuss with your doctor before you take this supplement.
Conclusion: Red yeast rice has a substance that acts the way as satin drug lovastatin does. This supplement is good because it reduces the cholesterol level, and reduces the dangers of heart disease and death.

4. Garlic could reduce blood pressureblonde-with-onions-garlic-and-pepperoni

Garlic is perhaps the sweetest ingredient available in this world.
Garlic has been used in history as something with great medicinal value. Both the Romans and the Greeks extensively used it.(29)
Its major ingredient known as allicin controls the negative side effects with garlic. This is of great benefit to the human heart.(30)
Research conducted has indicated that garlic could reduce LDL cholesterol by at least ten to fifteen percent.(31, 32, 33).
Moreover, it could sufficiently lower blood pressure, which is the major cause of stroke, heart attack and kidney problem as well as death.(34, 35).
People suffering from high blood pressure could reduce their systolic blood pressure by at least 8.4 mmHg, as well as the diastolic blood pressure by at least 7.3 mmHg.(36).
In a study conducted involving 210 people suffering from high blood pressure, they were administered with aged garlic extract, and it was discovered that it was better and more active than atenolol a drug produced for lowering blood pressure.(37).
Moreover, it was discovered that garlic was more effective in increasing the immune functions. It could also control cold and other infectious diseases.
In another study, it was discovered that it reduces cold by at least 63 percent. It was also discovered that it reduced cold duration by 70 percent for at most five days.(38).
Conclusion: Garlic possesses various biological effects. Apart from improving on cholesterol level, it lowers blood pressure and fights cold.

Final message

Supplements could be effective, but that does not mean that you have to change your lifestyle with exercise, food, and sleep. These supplements could be good for people, especially those who need help, and who want to remain as natural as possible. It is important that you know that the supplements are indeed very powerful and they ought to be treated with caution and respect. If you are suffering from any medical condition or you take any drug, it is recommended that you seek doctor’s advice before you take to any medication.

By Kris Gunnars

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