5 Different Health Models To Fight Depression

When the forces of depression strikes a person, it is as if their life comes to a standstill. Along with depression come some of the most powerful adverse feeling, emotions, and thoughts that a human mind will ever tolerate in a lifetime. Individuals who are diagnosed with depression don’t all have identical symptoms.

Each case must be treated as independent, with its on particular symptoms, onset, and activation trigger.There are key universal factors that are observable in depressed individuals, even though there are different types of depression. Below I have highlighted many of the blatantly noticeable characteristics, which many depressed individuals often exhibit, and they will indicate how depression can Be aided with 5 different help models.

1. Maintain Concentration and Activity

It’s good to perform hobbies, sports activities, or any activities that occupy the mind and body. Quite often a person who is experiencing difficulty holding concentration, remembering obvious details, and having trouble making even simple decisions, can be in the process of developing depression symptoms. When a depressed person won’t engage in the process of directing their energy on a specific item, as done when concentrating, they become irritable, frustrated, and can’t hold focus on specific items, as required when concentrating on things.

A classic symptom of a depressed person is fatigue and a decrease in basic energy. Example – Jim always looks forward to walking his dog each day after dinner. Lately Jim just sits down in the easy chair after dinner and leaves it up to one of his kids to walk his dog. For the past two years, Jim had not missed a day of dog walking, but now he just says that he is too tired. If Jim would force himself to engage in more physical activity, he would help to head of certain depression symptoms.

2. Adjust Adverse Feelings and Symptoms of Doom

Lately Jane has been feeling guilty with all of her interactions with her co-workers. She has been at her job for a while and is due for a promotion, however, she feels that she does not deserve it, even though she clearly does. She as acquired a feeling of worthlessness, and for some reason feels that she is not good enough to fit in anymore. These feelings are present even though her performance appraisals are way above average. Jane can help herself, by sitting down and writing out a honest assessment of herself. The assessment should include both good and bad points. Once this is done, she should work on them.

John is a college student with decent grades, but for some reason he has become fixated on newspapers and TV news. He sees news reports about killings, robberies, rapes, and murders and stays in a perpetual feelings fear and doom. When you start up a conversation with John about current events, he just talks about hopeless situations that he has no control over. His outlook on life has become very pessimistic. John needs to disengage many of the items that seem to be the cause of his anxiety. In his case they are newspapers, and TV news.

3. Reverse Sleep and Rest Deprivation

A depressed person very often has a hard time sleeping, mainly due to the chemical imbalance in their body. Insomnia becomes an acceptable way of life for them. Quite often this situation may turn to the flip side; In this case the person exhibits excessive sleeping. In either case a depressed person needs to find a happy medium, and quite often medication is the correct answer. By a doctor prescribing some sort of medication, a regular sleep pattern can be reestablished, which can start a more favorable balance.

In another situation similar to sleep deprivation is rest deprivation, and has its own set of characteristics. The most obvious include irritability, restlessness, and an abrasive manor when dealing with people. Their body seems to take on characteristics of a racehorse who is constantly running a race and never finishes. It may seem that if they just received a good night’s sleep, everything would be all right. However, if they did get a good night’s sleep, the problem would continue, until the root cause is diagnosed.

4. Find New Points of Interest

Depression characteristic of low interest affects both men and women equally. The main symptoms include a loss of interest in general pleasurable functions. Activities and hobbies that you once found pleasurable fall by the wayside, and even the sex drive seems to slip away.When this element of depression strikes, virtually anything that you find pleasurable in life seems to lose the joy that it once had. It is almost as if the person assumes an Ebenezer Scrooge type personality.

This is a very obvious disorder to visually observe in progress. Overeating, appetite loss, anorexia, and bulimia can have their roots in this type of depression. Before these disorders get too far out of control, professional help should be sought out. A failure to correct these problems can lead to organ damage. However, actively seeking out new points of interest will occupy the mind and help redirect the thoughts from the adverse activities.

5. Avoid Physical Manifestations and Destructive Thoughts

You have probably heard of psychosomatic illnesses before. Well, many depressed individuals manifest persistent body aches, various pains, intense headaches, powerful cramps, and various digestive problems, which do not ease even with treatment. Their mind finds a way to work in conjunction with their body, in order to manifest various symptoms. In this phase of depression, an individual will develop persistent sad, overly anxious, or extremely empty feelings. You can almost say that the person feels like a yo yo. Those around a person with this type of depression, will not know what personality they will assume, from meeting to meeting.

This type of depression can be very problematic. The person may have thoughts of suicide, or make various suicide attempts. Very often a person with these symptoms requires institutionalization, before they harm themselves or others. Quite ofter the best way to dig out from this hole is professional help.

Summary: Please keep in mind, that this may not always be possible, and some sort of intervention may be necessary. Depression is a very serious personality disorder, and if you or a person that you know are exhibiting symptoms related to this disorder, it is imperative that seek professional help. Quite often the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist is required. A medical doctor will be needed who can prescribe prescriptions, when the depression is activated by a chemical imbalance in the body, medication will help the individual.

By Sandra Bienkowski

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