6 Foods That Improve Memory And Clear Your Mind

On my journey to learn the benefits and disadvantages of eating gluten, I came across a well known theme which is brain fog which is as a result of eating foods that contain gluten. People who were not taking gluten in their food either by choice or because of recommendation from the doctor had tremendous improvement in their mental clarity and memory. If you have ever placed your car keys in the wrong place or forgot where you parked, you can relate to this.

Symptoms of brain fog are mild confusion, not able to think well and forgetting things all the time. However, this does not have to be your outcome.

Foods such as artificial sweeteners and dairy products have been associated with mental fog although more physicians are unraveling that mental fog is linked with intolerance of gluten. Within a few weeks doing away with gluten from my diet, I noticed the ability to think clearly.

There are different foods that have been linked with improved cognitive performance which are naturally gluten free. These are foods to take for clearing mental fog and boost brain health.

1. Avocados

They are high in oleic acid which is a fatty acid that protects neurons. With omega fatty acids, oleic assists in making up myelin sheath which is a lining on the neurons which helps information in the brain to travel at a speed of 200 miles per hour. They also help with increasing blood flow that increases brain function and health of the heart. Add some avocado in the salad or even on the sandwich.

2. Blueberries

They are also referred to as brain berries. They have a very high antioxidant capability in comparison to other vegetables and fruits. They are known for the improvement of cognitive and memory functions. They have properties for protecting the memory and it has been linked with prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Add blueberries to your breakfast and you will not have to check your to do list every time.

3. Beans

They are cost effective and help to stabilize the levels of blood sugar by reducing how the body is able to process carbohydrates. Our body requires a lot of energy and beans do the work. When you add a lot of beans to your diet, you will have added some carbohydrates like texture to your meals without eating any gluten.

4. Nuts and seeds

One ounce a day is going to reduce inflammation and provide you with good energy source of proteins and satisfy appetite. Besides having a lot of fiber, nuts and seeds they also have a lot of vitamins, brain boosting omega fats, minerals and a positive impact on the brain and health heart. To get a snack, opt for walnuts and almonds.

5. Wild salmon

Besides vitamin B, amino acids and astaxanthin, high level of omega 3 fatty acids make salmon ideal for improving cognitive function. There is a lot of research which supports the role of omega 3 in brain health preservation while amino acids and vitamin B increase function of brain.

6. Dark chocolate

The great antioxidant properties of this chocolate and natural stimulants help to improve focus, concentration and stimulate production of endorphins which are feel good hormones. Not only do they help to support brain health but also improve mood.

By Valerie Tunks


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