7 Tips For A Better Sex Life

We all know the feeling of a soothing lover’s touch and there is no greater feeling than touch. A lot of us are starved of this because we don’t touch enough and we haven’t learned how to really receive and give touch.

Conscious touching is a way of mixing the body with the mind and also the emotions. it brings in more passion and connection to your sexual expression. It is not only about mindfully giving but also on mindfully receiving which is a two way thing between lovers that ignites the passion of desire and also keeps it burning after the honeymoon period is over.

Here are a few tips of how conscious touching can pleasure your mind, heart and body. You can try these tips by yourself if you wish;

1/ Work out the basics at the start

Decide who is going to give and receive first, because this is where you need to focus and without awareness, then it’s hard to give and receive at the same time. The person who receives can either sit or lie down with their eyes closed and the giver then places themself close enough for touch.

2/ Breathe

Breathing is the component of connected eroticism. You need to synchronize your breath with your partner by looking and feeling each other’s bodies rise and fall when they breath. The giver has to match their breath with the receiver. This can take a few moments until you are both relaxed and then you can settle into a natural rhythm. If you are alone then listen to your own breath and the rise and fall of your chest and stomach until you start to fully relax.

3/ Focus your awareness on yourself

You should take a few minutes to notice how you feel, what you are thinking and what you are experiencing within your body. Just be present and feel everything. Whether you are giving or receiving, the process of “tuning in” can help with the way you receive and give touch. When you are aware of how you are feeling, then you will be able to share a sense of awareness and mindfulness with others.

4/ Infuse your touch with intention

Setting an intention with your touch will bring you a real feeling of purpose and allows the receiver to be more aware and receptive. The receiver can say what they would like and the giver can bring their attention to them to offer them the kind of touch they want.

The intention could be anything from expressing love to letting go of your day, to even bringing about an intense orgasm. Studies have shown that when we receive and give touch with intention, that we are communicating with more than words. If you are alone then set an intention for yourself like permitting yourself to experience pleasure without any shame.

5/ Touch from the heart

Become aware of your heart beat. Givers should put their left hand over the heart of the receiver. You should place your palm first and then your fingers. You will then set up a direct line from the givers heart right down the left arm to the heart of the receiver. You will become connected by the heart to your partner.

Your breath should still be synchronized with your partners, so take a moment to actually put your hands on your partner’s chest. Then place the other hand on a part of the body that feels right and apply the same palm first, which will initiate a deep connection.

The receiver should feel the warmth of their partners hand and allow their heart to move towards it. Then stay with this moment as long as you want. This can be a profound and tender experience. If you are alone, then use this process to touch your own heart.

6/ Cultivate mindfulness together

Using your palm to body connection, slowly move your hand over the receiver’s body and become aware of your palm and breath which will ground you. You then invite the receiver actively by releasing gently sighs to show that they are there in the present with the touch, and not drifting into their thoughts. The Giver should allow their intuition to gather speed and pressure and look at the receiver’s expression. You may like to maintain eye contact through all this.

7/ Don’t forget about trust

By trusting you body’s ability to communicate, you will then start a connection in ways that words cannot speak. Do not worry that you are doing anything wrong, just keep creating deep erotic connections that leads to pleasure (even orgasm) or a release and healing from any old wounds.


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