8 Reasons Why You’re Always Tired And How To Deal With It

One major health challenge I teach people is chronic fatigue or very poor energy in the body. This problem is affecting many people of the world. The symptom ranges from severe tiredness to over tiredness. Chronic fatigue is presently affecting not less than one million people in America. The number is more than patients suffering from such other health challenges as lupus, multiple sclerosis, and other forms of cancer.
The number referred above does not include citizens who are currently affected by low-level fatigue. The effect of fatigue is devastating. It is estimated that at least twenty percent of auto accidents involving drivers are attributed to fatigue. Many Americans do away with low energy as part of a plan to grow old. This brings complications, because it makes it difficult to distinguish between what can be assumed normal what is common.
Although fatigue is normal, it is not good biologically. Unfortunately, people are unduly influenced by this wrong assumption and they lousy about, making them tired every time. Fatigue would affect everything around you including your job, family, friends, and your daily activities. My aim in this article is to show you the eight dangers of fatigue, and teach you how to overcome them.

1. Imbalances of macronutrient

Macronutrients constitute carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Human body depends on these important macronutrients, and they must be available in the proper ratio to be suitable to the user’s lifestyle and diet.
The major macronutrient problem confronting the western world is the low consumption of fat. Beginning from the later portion of the twentieth century, fat has ceased to be part of the normal American diet, and refined carbohydrates have replaced it, particularly grains. The consequence is that Americans suffer from sugar crash, because of their sugar-burning mode. The consequences of this are irritability, fatigue, weight loss resistance, as well as mood swings.
Whenever we talk about fat, we refer to those bad fats like margarine. Others include avocados, coconut oil, eggs, meat, wild salmon, and grass fed beef as well as whole food. Speaking from a biochemical perspective, the slowest and body’s burning energy includes fat. Apart from that, the brain is made of twenty-five percent cholesterol and sixty percent fat. The cornerstone of your existence includes nourishing this most important part of your life, which is the brain. It is only in a few instances that poor quantities of carbohydrates and protein could cause low levels of energy.

2. Deficiencies of micronutrient

Human bodies continue to be active because of biochemistry. Whenever, they are denied these important nutrients, we start to feel lethargic and tired. The most common nutrients noticed in people suffering from fatigue include vitamin B deficiencies, vitamin D, as well as iron deficiencies. A simple blood lab tests could identify deficiencies of these nutrients from patients.

3. Inadequate gut health

Your gastrointestinal system could be regarded as the second brain. This is always ignored in the energy level discussions. You are not required to suffer gut issues to develop the problem. When it comes to your energy level, the gut brain is always in a constant touch with these two organs. Energy would be drained anytime you are bogged with certain conditions in your gut lining like SIBO that is small bacterial overgrowth. The energy level would be normalized when the condition reverses. Another cause of chronic gut problem is weight loss resistance.

4. Inflammatory Foods

The foods we consume affect our energy levels and body biochemistry. Foods can affect the energy level positively or negatively. Body functioning does not recognize anything like neutral food. It is a known fact that carbohydrates, refined foods, empty calories would affect the body negatively, and it could diminish the energy level. Dangerous sugar level could be stopped by eating those foods that increase low energy level.
Non-acceptance of foods like dairy, gluten free grains, as well as gluten could lead to fatigue. You can do away with this problem by eliminating the inflammatory diet.

5. Toxins

Toxins are very notorious in the health community. This is not surprising, because what we eat is full of toxins that are not good for human health. Humans are not adapted to the challenges of the toxin and this is not good for energy level. This could be solved by checking the patient’s health history and diagnostic testing. The testing would determine whether the problem is because of toxin. There are different ways of reducing toxins from the body apart from medical testing.

6. Hormonal Dysfunctions

Human interacts through a network of hormones. You need an adequate functioning endocrine system for a good energy level. The two major challenges common to people are battling with their low energy level of thyroid function and hypothalamic pituitary adrenal problem. Several reasons could account for the low functioning of the thyroid.

7. Medications

Every drug is a poison and therefore has a negative side effect. The most common negative effects you can see in most drugs include fatigue. The drugs for the treatment of common ailments like diabetes, depression, cholesterol, reflux, as well as pain could also result in severe fatigue. It is surprising that people who take drugs everyday do not take time to find out the possible side effects of drugs they consume.
If you have medications that cause a problem for you such as fatigue, it is important that you discuss this with your doctor, to know the best alternatives he can prescribe for you. My major concern as a medical practitioner is to help people to regain their health and not to give them prescriptions that cause problems and negative side effects.

8. Inadequate Sleep

If you have formed the habit of going to bed late, because of one reason or the other, it is recommended that you give up that habit. Two common reasons that could prevent you from sleeping in time are what you eat or the movies you watch, you have to quit that habit. You have to form the habit of sleeping on time. Even many people who suffer from the problem do not know that they are suffering from it. Even when they want to sleep, they do not find it easy.

Many people across the world are suffering from such problems like sleep apnea and insomnia. This is the major cause of low energy. The best way to deal with the problem is to have adequate sleep. Depending on the level of sleep disorder a patient suffers, there are different drugs for them. Patients suffering from mild insomnia could treat the problem with the herb known as valerian. Other herb they could take is chamomile. Patients with sleep apnea could treat it with the CPAP machine.
Although herbs and breathing machines are good for sleep disorders, but then you have to determine the reason why you developed that problem in the first place. I treat my patients by looking at the individual factors, until they are able to reverse the ugly situation and start enjoying peaceful sleep.

Customized Health Solutions

It is certain that not everything that causes low energy is covered here. It is my desire to have a deep investigation of the causes of chronic fatigue as part of my contributions to functional medicine. You would observe that these eight causes are linked to one another. For instance, you could observe that toxins cause hormonal imbalance, which in turn causes poor sleep.

In the same way the consumption of inflammatory foods, pose a danger to the gut, which could lead to micronutrient deficiency.
There are various possibilities and pathways for fatigue or any other chronic health challenges. It is necessary that these challenges be tackled medically, but that has to be on an individual basis. This is the best, consistent, sustainable, and reliable solution for the cure of fatigue.


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