8 Things You Don’t Need Money To Acquire To Feel Rich

Who doesn’t money a whole lot? To an certain extent, it makes life easier, allows for more luxury and higher comfort and it relieves so many worries. More money easily lends itself to more diverse life experiences. Most appealingly. an abundance of money gives you the power do almost anything you want in the largest scale possible. At the same time, money can prove to have the opposite effect. It often makes life much more complicated that it ought to be.. Through money, the achieve of a lavish and easy lifestyle is too easily attainable. They aren’t lying when they say money can’t buy happiness, and what they refer to are the simple joys in life that anyone can find for themselves. Only the means to an end, money can buy many ends, but not the ones that really matter:

1. Having friends who never fail to support you.

The rarest kind of friend is the one who’s always there when you need them. Often in our lives, we place too much value on having fun rather than being respected and having those around you be loyal, no matter what. What good are your friends if they can’t find a way to be there for you when you need them most? It’s your friends’ job to be there in your time of need — to always look out for you and to lend helping hand whenever possible. They’re supposed to love you.
We too often allow the wrong kinds of people into our inner circle and, even more often, mistake them for real friends rather than the hangers-on they are. If you surround yourself with such faux-friends, then you’re going to one day find yourself very alone — and it’ll when you need a real friend the most.
Make an effort to infuse your social circle and your life with people who you know love you, friends who will walk through life with you. This way, you’ll never be actually “poor”.

2. Having a family who loves you and knows how to show it.

Honestly, though my mother was phenomenal at expressing her love for me, it was a bit harder for my dad. I knew he loved me, yet years of emotional programming made it hard for him to show it. Even when our parents love us, if they can’t express this feeling with clarity and no question on their part, this makes us feel poor all our live, no matter how much wealth we grow up to attain. Some have parents like my dad, but other had the kind extremely gifted at communicating these emotions towards their children. And some had parents who never knew what the word “parent” actually meant. No matter what kind of a home your emotional well being originated from, it’s always possible to build yourself another one. Love your own children in a way they actually feel loved and have now question about how deep that love is, and your whole family will be rich beyond imagination.

3. Having Wisdom You can’t purchase if from the the mall, and we’re not born with it either.

The smartest of the smart often have very little wisdom. Neither intellect nor logical thinking, wisdom is the two things combined with experience —information you gather as you life life, if you will. You can’t buy the life experiences necessary to accumulate any kind of useful wisdom. In fact, having loo much wealth early on in life can make having such developmentally necessary experiences out of your reach. We’re no more than animals after all. No animal ought to have everything it could ever need without having to work for it.Animals need to work for their survival, or they quickly lose sight of what being alive truly means

4. Seeing the world Money can buy you cruise ticket around the world, but you don’t need nearly as much euros or Deutschmarks or pesos or dollars as you might expect to truly experience it.

If you’re clever about it, you can travel the world and save money. Seriously. All that is required is thinking outside the box. For example. with my qualifications, I can literally earn a living anywhere in the world without having to struggle financially. It is possible if you’re creative enough Buying that plane or train ticket isn’t enough to actually see the world. You can have all the wealth in the world yet never actually experience it. Seeing the world — really seeing it — is unbelievably incredibly inexpensive. It lies outside the hotels, the restaurants, the clubs, the shopping areas. If you want to truly see the world, then see the part of the world you don’t need money to have access to.

5. Falling in Love If you can fall in love every day.

twice a day even, then be smart and do so. Love freely and passionately and you will never even thing about your lack of money. Don’t be afraid to fall in love with the one you least expected, friend or stranger and avoid allowing yourself to let go of this person. When you find this special someone, find ways to fall in love with them over and over again because such a feeling is possible. Find new things you love about them. Don’t settle for anything less than everlasting affection and appreciation. Remember, it’s the only currency in the world that is both invaluable, abundant an inexpensive.

6. Pursuing your passion

Some of the wealthiest captains of industry are, in reality, by far some of the poorest souls you’ll ever meet. The wealthiest people in the world still find ways to hate every second of their lives.The only way to find valid happiness is to live towards pursuing your passions. If you live a life void of things that only you and a few other find fascinating, then you will never feel like you are living the life you were meant to. Just keep in mind being happy every hour of every day is not possible. It would require an exponentially increasing amount of dopamine — and such an amount would probably result in overdose and kill you.You need the miseries and low of life in order to allow your body to replenish. Just the same, you won’t be capable of appreciating the things that ought to make you happy if you never experience any hardship in life. If it’s worth sacrificing for, it’s worth having

7. Cherishing memories that make you smile, and those that make you cry Our memories are the catalogs our life.

All the data that we along are privy to. All we did, every time something made us laugh or cry, it all encompasses our story. There are many different definitions of the word “rich.” but there is only one that guarantees you more true wealth than anything else you possibly could hope to imagine: When you’re rich in unforgettable memories, you don’t need much else. If you can look back at your life and say you lived every moment to the fullest, that you squeezed drop out of every opportunity that came your way, then you are richer than any billionaire. Do more, mess up more, learn more and regret as little as possible.

8. Having someone to share your life with.

Life is meaningless without those around you that you want to share it with. Family and friends are what make life worth living. If you are lucky enough to meet someone you love romantically to an unfathomable degree, that’s the icing on the cake. The hidden gold mine you just stumble upon. Whether or not you put the time and effort into this relationship and develop it to it’s fullest potential is a different story. Finding a gold mine is useless unless you put considerable effort into mining and maintaining it. And this more than just a hole in the ground full of precious minerals. Gold mines can’t hold you at night. They can’t care for you more than you do yourself.They won’t ever be want to die for you. Finding the right person gives you all of that and more. Honestly… take all the money in the world and let me have such people in my life any day.

by Paul Hudson

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