9 Surprising High Fiber Food

We all know fiber is important to our diets. But, most of us think fiber is something your grandparents take to become regular.

However, it is becoming a problem as less that 10% of all Americans are getting enough fiber.

Today with the alarming rates of colon and rectal cancer in the population. Perhaps the correlation that many make about the drop in fiber and the rise of these cancers doesn’t sound so farfetched.

The problems are that even though there are many products out there are the markets that have added fiber to them to help our help and clean out systems.

Well let’s just say they aren’t on anyone’s top ten favorite foods.

The really scary thing is that now there are studies linking low fiber to heart disease, diabetes, and of all things obesity as well.

So, perhaps instead of getting our fiber from processed and packaged products, which are unappetizing and the processing often robs them of their health and nutritional benefits.

We should turn back the clock, rediscover natural sources of fiber, and add those items to our current diets.

You may be aware of traditional sources of fiber such as whole grains, beans, lentils, and veggies. These are healthy alternatives.

But then there is the image that these foods project. While healthy and full of natural fiber they don’t have and zing to them.

So, Today let’s so you 9 unusual sources of fiber that you may never have thought of as sources of fiber, that can make your taste buds wake up and your dishes that you prepare have flavor and gusto instead of being bland.

1. Avocados are not just for nachos

Not to say a heaping plate of nachos with refried beans, sour cream, and chips with a guacamole and salsa dips on the side don’t have fiber.

But this little green fruit has many other uses.
It can replace tomatoes in salads.

Burgers with a slice avocado makes a burger go from ho hum to sublime.
So you see here is one source of fiber that is versatile and flavorful. 1/4 of one provides you with 3 grams of fiber for you daily diet’s needs.

2. Sunflower seeds are not just for hamsters and parrots

To make a salad sing, sprinkle on a tablespoon full of Sunflower seeds to add crunch and texture.

They also can be added to cookies, homemade breads, and make a wonderful addition to vegetable soups.A 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds gives you 4 grams of fiber.

3. Preserved lemon doesn’t make you a sourpuss

Again is wonderful for a salad treat. But it also can be made into a taste treat for the kids by glazing with sugar. 1/2 a lemon’s peel provides you with 3 grams of you daily requirement of fiber.

4. Hummus the Mediterranean dip

Instead of using hummus as a dip add some additional spices and make it into a delicious spread for Italian bread or put between two slices of bread for a sandwich.

Tea sandwiches are a simple variation for a get together with the girls. This get you 3 grams of fiber with only 2 TBSP of Hummus per serving.

5. Popcorn is good anytime, not just for movie time

Popcorn is a perennial favorite. Try adding peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, and then mix with your favorite spice blend. This then becomes an exciting taste treat. You can have 4 cups of popcorn to get about 5 grams of fiber in your diet.

6. Almond butter isn’t just for beautiful skin

It is a nutritious food and can be added to soups and ice cream smoothies to liven up their flavor. You get 3 grams of fiber per 2 TBS.

7. Shredded Coconut is not just for candy bars

Coconut is a universal ingredient that can be added to almost any dish. Toasted it adds crunch and flavor to salads and ice cream.

Graded fine it gives a zesty flavor to soups.

It can also be used as a topping for steamed or Red Cooked Fish (An Asian Dish and a style of cooking). At 4 grams of fiber for Two tablespoons it is a steal.

8. Olives are not just for Martinis

Again, a great add to salads. You can use it to make a vegetable spread for bread and crackers. It also can be made into pasta sauces and a sauce for fish and poultry. 10 olives give you about 2 grams of fiber.

9. Cacao Powder Not for Chocolate milk

This non-sweeten powder is healthy and makes for an exciting drink that can replace your morning coffee and fiber boost. It checks in with r grams of Fiber per 2 Tablespoons.
You know have nine unusual ways to get your necessary 38grams Man/25 grams woman of fiber that is recommended fiber and in many different forms that give you a variety of flavors that tickle your tongue and add zing to your meal planning or morning beverages.

Fiber is healthy and important, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun as well.

Try these fiber packed alternatives to store bought packaged fiber and see for yourself.


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