Cancer Cells Use Meat To Fuel Their Growth

In the United States today, we are beginning to see an alarming increase of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, autism, and more- and we find ourselves wondering why. One might claim that it’s the insurgence of keeping records, but most statistics have steadily increased, leaving many scientists and researchers studying for answers to these kinds of problems, and the answers they provided probably wouldn’t surprise you.

We are surrounded by toxins constantly, and we ingest them more and more in our diets. Scientists have been studying the effects of our modern day habits and our behaviors as humans, and what they’ve found is that most humans consume huge amounts of meat products.

How Meat Relates to Tumor Growth

It really isn’t a secret that eating too much meat is detrimental to your health. Since researchers have been linking diet with cancer, only one fact has stood out to them- if you consume less meat, you’re less likely to develop cancer.(1)(2) But why? And why are there decreased risks of cancer for vegans?(3)

Most of the information about meat comes from the American Institute for Cancer Research, and in their second study (in regards to diet and cancer prevention) they found that when various types of meat (beef, pork, lamb) were consumed, then there were higher risks for various types of cancers. This includes processed meat, and even well-cooked meat.(4)

Furthermore, these studies are starting to show that the link is related to specific chemicals that are developed when meat is cooked- and this should be serious cause for concern. The chemicals released (namely HCA’s and PAH’s) are the leading causes for diseases like rectal cancer. In a study conducted at the University of Utah, 952 out of 1205 subjects showed men and women eating “well-cooked” processed or red meat had the highest overall risks for developing cancer.(5)

This is because cooking meat releases hydrocarbons referred to as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons which are significant in the role of developing cancers(6)- and despite the mainstream response to typical diets and meat consumption even in developed modern literature.

Statistically Sound Science Links Meat to Cancer

The amount of surveys are staggering. In yet another survey conducted on meat eaters versus vegans, researchers followed over half a million people to try and decide whether or not there was a significant link to diet and consumption of red meats and diary to pancreatic cancers. What they found suggests that when people at animal fats from meat and dairy, their overall risk of pancreatic cancer was increased, and no correlative evidence was suggested when comparing plant-fat from food to pancreatic cancer (specifically).(7)

Yet another study published in the British Journal of Cancer determined that vegetarians have at least a 12 percent less chance to develop aggressive cancers than their non-meat eating counterparts. As the survey followed over 60,000 individuals with a mixed diet for over 12 years, they found that blood cancers like leukemia, multiple varieties of melanoma and even non-Hodgkin lymphoma were dramatically decreased by nearly fifty percent overall after engaging in a vegetarian diet that focused on the benefits of vegetarianism- meaning you shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of going vegetarian, with a 40 percent reduced rate for all types of cancers.(8)

Comparatively, those who support meat diets suggest that those who eat cooked meat live as long, healthy lives as those who don’t, and while that might hold true for some, it definitely doesn’t apply to all. Cancer rates are incredibly high these days, and it only makes sense to start looking a little closer at our experiences as humans to attempt to help turn the way that we live our lives around- and changing our diets is one of the easiest ways to control our changes.

It’s Hard to Ignore the Facts

One might also note that our meat is generally full of contaminants, GMO feed, and other artificial stimulants to increase overall growth and testosterone production- and all these things eventually make their way into our bellies.

You can choose to disregard the various amounts of information on the topic, but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to avoid all the congruent evidence that points to the negative effects of meat products on your overall health, despite the various scientific inquiries.

Take the time to consider the arguments, pausing during your busy day, and take a step back to introspectively look at what we (as a species) are doing to our planet, and how we rationalize it. Think about the enormous amounts of waste that we are contributing to on a daily basis, including or enormous meat consumption needs. It’s not inherently wrong to consume meat, and we definitely aren’t placing judgement, but with staggering scientific evidence, it’s hard to ignore what’s right in front of our eyes.

It’s Not About “Hating Meat” It’s About Changing Your Life

While these topics can sometimes turn people off, it’s more important to acknowledge that facts are facts. Instead of living in a society where people are closed-minded to new ideas and possibilities, as well as new explanations for the ways that we do things, it’s pretty narrow-minded to ignore solid evidence. Some people consume large quantities of meat daily, how they’ve always done it, and neglect large portions of vegetables. Some consider that it’s the way that it’s always been done- suggesting the earliest humans ate mostly meat, but this diagnosis is wrong for several reasons- first, our ancestors were primarily vegetarian, because it was hard to capture meat, and simply because they ate meat doesn’t mean that we have to too, evolution involves giving up some things for higher causes to benefit the species, anyways.

You get a wide variety of the nutrients that you eat from vegetables, and you can supplement virtually everything that you would get from meat and dairy from your favorite vegetables and fruits. It’s not hard to change your life in dramatic ways- especially if you’ve put on a ton of weight or are feeling particularly unhealthy- all it takes is a commitment to change and grow as your diet continues to evolve. Hopefully the information in this article helps point you in the right direction for your overall health.


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