Cancer & Sunscreen Myth Is Finally Revealed By Scientists

It was reported in an article from June 2014 from the Independent newspaper that a research study conducted at the Karolinska institute in the country of Sweden noticed that females who managed to avoid sunbathing throughout the summer months are twice at the risk to those who sunbathe on a daily basis.

This study of epidemiological nature focused on 30,000 women over the period of 20 years so as to show how mortality could be doubled in women who focus their attention on avoiding sun exposure, compare to those who were in a group of high exposure.

The conventional dogma was then concluded by researchers and this outlined the advice of avoiding son at all possible costs, whilst using as much sunscreen in order to avoid sun exposure.

This is because the sun avoidance that is combined with the use of sunscreen manages to block the ability to produce vitamin D3 from the UVB rays of the sun, which is the greatest type of vitamin D.

Vitamin D in the USA is in the epidemic level. This efficiency of Vitamin D can lead to skin cancer in an aggressive way. In a groundbreaking study created in 2011, research in cancer prevention showed that blood levels of an optimal nature containing vitamin D can protect against skin cancer and sunburn.

Vitamin D also protects the individual from dangerous diseases such as multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, Ricketts, type one diabetes, bowel disease that is inflammatory, rheumatoid arthritis, sjorgens syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Based on the council of vitamin D, studies from the Alabama university based in Birmingham reported recently that a lack of exposure to the sun can result in a cognitive decline.

A dermatologist of the dissident nature

The MD known as Bernard Ackerman ( who died in 2008) was an authoritative figure on the topic of skin cancer that takes place from the sun and from the risks of skin cancer due to melanoma and sunscreen.

There are links below which show Ackermans views on the subject from an article that was published in the New York Times on 20 July in 2004.

The link that has been made between sun exposure and melanoma ( a dogma of dermatology) has yet to be proven.

A study in Sweden that was based in 2000 outlined that melanoma of a higher nature resulted in those who did use sunscreen, as to those who did not.

Sunscreens that are a biohazard and therefore can cause Cancer

A PHD scientist based in California known as Elizabeth Plourde has written a book called Sunscreens Biohazard, which focus on the serious dangers that sunscreens can have on individuals and to the environment.

Proof is provided in this book which outlines the ability that sunscreen has in increasing the risks of different forms of skin cancer when used over a period of 30 years. She also emphasizes the fact that sunscreens can contain a selection of chemicals known as carcinogens, as well as endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

She also notes environmentally that in areas that have been exposed to ED, or endocrine disrupting, populations into the sea environment and space have died off and duel-sex selections of fish have developed.

Other research that was carried out by Dr. Plourde on animals such as mice and their exposure to sunscreen showed an increase in maternal mortality as well as issues involving reproduction for subsequent generations.

The book also documents the fact that sunscreening chemicals are able to pollute the water sources that we use, such as oceans and rivers, as well as the drinking water. As well as this, tests has have also revealed that up to 97% of all Americans have chemicals from sunscreen active in their blood.

The book also contains a chapter which focuses on how important vitamin D3 is to our health. She makes a link between the problem of vitamin D3 in individuals which has now become widespread, with an overuse of a selection of sunscreens and the combination that has with the avoidance of sun.

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